Prior to becoming a Medical Herbalist, after finishing secondary school, I went to Teachers College & University; I got very sick with glandular fever and was unable to complete this study. I went to work in a plant nursery (having been a very keen gardener since a very small child), sometime later, I managed a Garden Centre and later still, developed my own wholesale nursery, and also designed and planted landscape projects.



During 1991 I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and ‘found’ ways to become well again; herbal medicine being the greatest helper. I am completely well, all clear since 1992. I have a much greater quality of health and life now. A few years later, I cared for my father through his journey of cancer.


These experiences piqued my interest in studying ‘complementary and alternative treatments’. I studied to become a Medical Herbalist and this heightened my passion for ‘Wellness’ and Wellness Education. This commitment led to my move to Melbourne in 2003 to continue my study & research.


October 2015 saw me moving back to New Zealand in October 2015, after being away for just over 12 years. I am re-establishing my herbal medicine practice, initially established in the Bay of Plenty in 1998 and then continued in Australia.


I really enjoy teaching and assisting with learning; more than just health and wellness areas.


Here is a brief summary of my study and my work:


  • Currently, president of the Herb Federation of New Zealand (
  • Current professional association membership: NZAMH (New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists)
  • 2020 Master of Science (Complementary Medicine) (MSc) RMIT University (Melbourne); thesis titled ‘Actinic Keratoses and Herbal Medicine Interventions’.
  • 2013-15 developed and presented a series of “Herb Workshops” in Melbourne, on a wide range of aspects of herbs, These will be adapted to present in the Wellington region later this year
  • January 2011 Completed an ARCS Australia online training module, “Applied GCP Training for Investigational Sites & Sponsor Representatives” Certificates 1, 2 & 3
  • 4th-5th August 2006 attended a ‘Clinical Trial Management’ course, Impact Research, Melbourne
  • 2005 supervised the Melbourne centre of a four centre clinical trial through RMIT. A topical treatment for cold sores. This involved organising advertising, recruitment, interviewing participants and data management I was employed by RMIT as a ‘casual’ staff member to manage the entire process of the trial in Melbourne. 2006, supervised the second phase of the cold sore trial through RMIT
  • Completed Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (Upgraded from the NZ C.A.T. certificate)
  • Moved to Melbourne in July 2003 to commence a post grad degree Bachelor of Health Science (Natural Medicine Research) graduated 2005 BHSc. Nat Med, Victoria University (Melbourne)
  • Designed and implemented a nationwide ‘Herb Awareness Week’ and a ‘Herbs in School’ programme as ‘grass roots’ education in New Zealand 2003 (This is still successfully running annually & since returning, I made presentations for the 2016 & 17 weeks, on behalf of local herb societies)
  • Designed and conducted a clinical trial using herbal medicine to treat HPV, with approval of the Bay of Plenty Ethics Committee. Research & report approved by the Ethics Committee
  • 1999 Completed a Certificate in Adult Teaching (C.A.T.) course at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
  • Studied to become a Medical Herbalist 1996-1998 Graduated with Diploma of Medical Herbalism. (Dip Med Herb) from Waikato Centre for Herbal Studies. Post study: Developed a successful herbal medicine practice

Some Additional Information


  • Prior to moving to Australia I regularly wrote a column for a monthly rural newspaper, also for my local community newsletter and for the quarterly journal of the Herb Federation of NZ
  • These writings were edited and compiled into a book called ‘A Handful of Herbs’, I am currently writing a second edition to this, a much expanded book and a companion book, and a book about wellness in general
  • Developed Lavender Hill Projects Pty Ltd, a company focussed on developing effective herbal products of a high standard, which are supported by research. Our first product to market is an excellent cream to rejuvenate aged and damaged skin (ODE Rejuvenating Skin Cream, this business is now closed). – Currently I am developing a range of herbal based skin care, which will be commercialised in New Zealand, these products are expected to released in mid 2021.
  • I have a horticultural background and am a very keen gardener



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